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Is there a specific investing/trading stocks class in college?

Asked Houston, Texas

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Derek’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Hey Kevin, great question! I think many schools will have classes within their Finance majors that are specifically about investing. If you decide to major in Finance, there will actually probably be several classes about different types of investing - for example, I took a course at UGA on trading options when I was in school - but they had classes for stocks, bonds, futures, all kinds of assets. Here's one example of a course where you would learn about different assets and manage a mock portfolio of investments (https://www.terry.uga.edu/courses/FINA/4150/).

Also, many schools will have a fund that is partially managed by students. At Georgia this was called the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) (https://www.terry.uga.edu/academics/offices/finance/smif). The students in the class actually managed a real portfolio of stocks worth ~$1.5M.

So, tl;dr: Yes! There are probably several Finance options - they'll just be called different things at each school

Derek recommends the following next steps:

  • Check out the syllabus from this UGA course as an example (http://bulletin.uga.edu/link.aspx?cid=FINA+4150) (the syllabus is at the bottom)

Fraser’s Answer


Yes, there are classes on investing in college. Sometimes these fall within the economics department, sometimes within commerce. They'll teach you about portfolio theory, how to value companies, how to read financial statements such as an income statement or a balance sheet.

I'm not sure if there are specific classes on trading or day trading (there may be, I'm just not certain).

Lots of this information can be learned online or by reading books, too. So you can start gaining knowledge about these areas before college.

Jen’s Answer


There should be. I went to Boston College, and was required to take an Investments class for my undergrad Finance major. Undergrad business schools generally would require you to take an Investments class. Most business schools would also probably be supplementary investments and trading classes. You can go to each individual school's website to see what undergrad and graduate business school classes they offer before you apply.

Jen recommends the following next steps:

  • Research business schools and view what courses each school offers