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what is good for me to in automotive to get better looked at?

Asked El Paso, Texas

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G. Mark’s Answer


Okay, so the last thing you asked about is what was necessary to be good at automotive engineering or service, right? And my answer was essentially that the desire to be good at it generally is the single greatest factor in success in that. Which is a pretty cool situation when you think about it. If you look at all the folks throughout history that were great at something, they usually just couldn't imagine living without it. Sure it might be hard work, but desire helped make it less hard. Or at least seem less hard. If you want to get positive attention in that field, which is what I think you're asking now, you should focus on doing what you like AND liking what you end up doing. That is, enjoy the results of good work. Now, in order to differentiate yourself from others in that field, all of whom will likely be pretty good at it, or they would have given up long ago, pay attention to detail. Details on learning how to best solve a problem. Details on what went wrong before or with others doing similar things. Spend time studying new stuff in your field and relate it to previous tasks. All the time you're enjoying yourself and reliving and reimagining the best and worst experiences, you're learning. And it's by far the easiest way to learn. So if you remember what you've done and how it worked out and then look around for ways to make it better in the future, you'll definitely get positive attention. People will appreciate your work. And you'll appreciate doing it.