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What are the qualifications to become an educator?

Asked Charlotte, North Carolina

When I graduate from College, I would like to become an elementary or middle school teacher. #science #educator #math #communications #communication #books #middle-school

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Vernon’s Answer

Updated Kingsland, Texas

First, decide that you love children and will give them the best you have every day - even when it's not your best day. Tell them that. Second, become an expert in child development and the social issues surrounding your environment. Be especially vigilant for abuse and emotionally disturbed children from the first day.

Your techniques MUST include manual dexterity for writing cursive. The iPhone nonsense is damaging communication skills every day, something you probably suffer from today. Language skills and vocabulary are CRITICAL these days since the kids' parents probably sat them in front of The Cartoon Network since they were old enough to sit up. Television provides a vocabulary of around 2,500 words even if you watch PBS. As a family is more educated, the vocabulary that a kid hears goes from those 2,500 words on up to around 10,000 words. So, if you're teaching in a low socio-economic environment, you'll be doing the kids a favor to emphasize word games and vocabulary extension.

Be patient and show love every day. Our country is sliding toward private schools, but that will not serve the poor kids any better. Our politics are bent on destroying public education. If you don't want to fight that trend, investigate Canada, New Zealand, or other countries. Many of them, surprisingly, are begging for good teachers of everything.