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Is neuroscience a required major in labor market?

Where do I work when I graduate ? And how about the job chances in that field?

I hope you answer my question and thank you #communication #college #psychology #neuroscience #biology #major

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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer

Not sure what type of labor market you are referring to. Like Robert said, either academia or industry is where most folks go. However, there is another place, consider contract research labs; it is an industrial job. Depends on your training, there may be plenty of opportunities out there.

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Robert’s Answer

Most neuroscience majors I went to school with either entered academia and went the PhD route, or ended up in private industry at the millions of jobs that require *some* sort of degree. The academia route is a hard one, particularly if you're looking to do your own research or run your own lab, so I'd really recommend digging more into the subject material to see if this is something you'd want to do for a *long* time. I can't really speak to jobs in private industry that are neuroscience specific, so you may want to dig more there, but I can say you need to be very committed if you take the academic route.

Robert recommends the following next steps:

Consider looking into a degree in Cognitive Science. I'm friends with two people who double majored or minored in Cogsci and Compsci, which tend to synergize well, and buy you a lot of flexibility down the road.