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I would like to know which engineering major should i choose from chemical engineering and aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering?

I am a first year student of University of Moratuwa,Sri lanka,and i have select my field,so i am really confused and unsure which one to choose.I do like aeroplanes and stuff,but i am afraid of the job opportunies in the World,the restrictions in the US for aeronautical engineers,since i am a Sri Lankan.Moreover i have no idea about job prospects in Australia and Uk for aeronautical engineers or any restrictions they might have.I am also worried whether i can get a good job doing aeronautical engineering at University of Moratuwa because aeronautical engineering which is a sub-major of mechanical engineering in my University and they started it in 2017.Then comes chemical engineering,i am worried whether it is a very tough major for my liking,otherwise i like it because of the very high salary and vast job prospects.At last is mechanical engineering,i have failed my 1st semester mechanics paper which has dynamics and statics,which makes me feel like can i do it.I really have passion in aeroplanes,so kindly help me choose the right path i should go in .Because i dont have any family or friends who are in the enginering sector,i am really confused what to choose,also this choice is very important in my life.For more information of departments of my University,you please find the link https://www.mrt.ac.lk/web/ .Thank you for taking your time to read my problem. #engineering #engineer #aerospace #mechanical-engineer #chemical engineer

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2 answers

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Paritosh’s Answer

You identified the challenges with various branches of engineering well and that is the first step to figure out what needs to be done next. It's better to identify the problem upfront so that you can find the best possible solution. So you are on the right track! You are right that Aeronautical engineering will limit your job prospects especially in countries outside of Sri Lanka. Chemical Engineering is really an interesting branch and just because you failed the course on dynamics and statics in Mech Eng, doesn't mean that you can't do well in other courses. Chemical Engineering will give you multiple options to choose from and you will have choices in terms of selecting courses that are more chemistry oriented or core Chem Eng Unit Operations oriented (such as distillation, mass transfer, heat transfer etc.) Those courses have interesting practical ways of learning difficult concepts and if you are a learner by doing, those courses will fit your learning style well. So first find out what gets you motivated to do new things and adjust your course of action accordingly. Good Luck!

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G. Mark’s Answer

You are likely to find more opportunities in mechanical engineering, partly because of what you mentioned -- aeronautical engineering is a subset of mechanical engineering, or rather a specialized type of ME. I personally have seen more ME jobs than CE jobs. But the real reason for choosing one of these is more toward your own proclivities. All of these are demanding curricula as well as demanding jobs. But your performance in all of these is mainly determined by which one you personally find most rewarding and basically, fun. You'll apply yourself more in something you simply like. So the easy, obvious, convenient and most fun advice is to simply look into these and see what looks like a lot of fun. Life is better when you enjoy it, right?

i have failed mechanics in my 1st semester exam for that's what making me thing that will i be able to do mechanical engineering. suresh M.