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If you apply will you get a sum of money no matter what?

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5 answers

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Frank’s Answer

Hello Kelly T. Student at San Gabriel California. Thanks for you question: " If I apply will I get a sum of money no matter what?" Talk to your school careers teacher or adviser about how to get the money you are talking about?

Kelly T., here are the list of HASHTAGS##### for you to look at on your computer: money finances college collegeapplications job. Make sure you read ALL the Stories and news items. Please write your thanks and ideas in the comments sections after each story that you liked. Ask TESOL Teacher Frank more Questions anytime. Best wishes and good luck Kelly T.

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geny’s Answer

Hi Kelly,
Frank, Jerin and Ricardo have given you valuable info above. Will you allow me to ad a little bit to their suggestions?
I go by my own past problem solving situations... to make your future life easier, if your family cannot help you financially, try to always get an income with a job, with work, with a pay check, no matter how low the pay check might be. Try not to rely entirely on borrowing, try to avoid large amounts that you will have to repay. Once you have established a bank account showing some income, even small income, you have shown that you are first of all a worker, a person with a pay check, capable of making a living, you are what a bank or a loan company or any financial loan institution considers a trustworthy client. You might be able to get great counseling and interest free loans from those professionals.
I have known surgeons who cleaned hospital toilets and scientists who delivered pizzas and drove taxis.The list of students who overcome difficulties is a long one. Trust your judgement Kelly. Good luck,you can make it. geny h
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Jerin’s Answer

Dear Kelly, 

Thanks for your question . The answer to you question will depend on the field that you are applying for and your eligibility to get a greater amount of money as funding. There are certain schools where they give you funding based on your past academic records so you have to make a call on what you plan to study in future and then look for schools that can give you more funding . 

Hope this helps you. 

Thanks and Regards,


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RICARDO’s Answer

If you are using Federal Funding, its first goes to your tuition/ fees.....anything left over can go to you. Unless, the school has a condition on holding excess funding for the next session. You will need to ask that question to the campus advisor

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Richard’s Answer

I know of no application processes for any scholarship, job, or university that guarantee a baseline amount of money.