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What are the advantages I would get from college?

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4 answers

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Abe’s Answer

In my career, I have seen software engineers that had formal education--college, grad school, etc--in computer science and other related fields--physics and mathematics, and others who did not have a formal education, often stopping prior to a high school degree. Both could be very successful later in life. The most famous examples are college dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates, who became billionaires without a college degree. The key to both camp's success is curiosity, and continuous learning and improvement, for both you are in the driver's seat.

That being said, one advantage college graduates have is a lower barrier to entry into software engineering jobs, where many hiring managers elect not to take a chance on hiring people without a degree. The other advantage of going through a college degree is that you get to exercise both theory and practice in an academic environment, without the pressures of a real-world job environment, where you worry more about finances and employability.

Take your time, and enjoy your college degree, and fuel your curiosity and learning for a long career in software engineering.

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Daniel’s Answer

In addition to what Abe says (which is good stuff), one primary thing you'll get from a formal education in computer science, engineering, math, physics, etc, is a much more disciplined approach to learning and understanding the fundamental building blocks of computing. Especially with a comp sci, software e, comp e type focus, you'll have a much more intuitive grasp of how things work, which will allow you to more quickly understand higher level concepts. Often a lot of self taught programmers skip the fundamentals, and get stuck more later on.

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Estelle’s Answer

A formal education increases your career opportunities and base salary. I highly recommend a college degree.

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Richard’s Answer

Going to college increases your career prospects. Your life time earnings will increase. You will have more choices of career.

Unfortunately some firms won't even look at your resumé unless you have the degree, regardless of whether you have the necessary skills