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If I want to become a scientist what would you advise?

i am from government high school J B Nagar bengaluru #professional #science #scientist #college #college-major #college-majors

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4 answers

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Jyoti’s Answer

Hi Abhishek,

As you are studying either in High school/PUC now, below are the requirements.

  1. Bachelor's degree in science (choose the subject which you want to take up for your research, that should be present in the combination of subjects).
  2. Master's degree in the same main subject, you can choose the particular sub-subject from the list provided by college.
  3. Then decide the topic you want to research and take up Ph.D and work on your thesis and reports.

You need to have complete knowledge in the subject. Becoming scientist needs a lot of dedication and patience and deep study in the subject.

Hope this information helps you. All the best!!

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Madison’s Answer

Hi Abhishek ! Have you identified an industry or an area of focus? For instance, my company (Catalent Pharma Solutions) which is a contract development and manufacturing organization employees over 2,500 scientists globally. We also have different specialties such as biologics, product development, analytical development, assay development, etc. My suggestion is to identify a few industries of interest, top companies in those industries and then visit their career pages to view their entry-level requirements. From there, it'll tell you what education/preparation you need to get started!

Best of luck in your career!

Below is the minimum qualifications for the majority of our entry level Associate Scientist positions.

Experience & Education:
• Bachelor of Science degree in a science field plus 3 years relevant work experience is preferred
• 0-1 years of assay development experience is preferred
• Ability to analyze data and complete detailed reports with an attention to detail
• Ease with document writing, data interpretation, presentation skills, and statistical analysis
• The ability to work in team-oriented environment is essential, as this person will work closely with other team members and participate on multidisciplinary project teams
• Previous experience working in Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical industry considered a plus.

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Vernon’s Answer

Obviously, take all the science courses you can in high school and college. I suggest you avoid the United Staes for now. If you're ready to go to college, and can afford it, I'd recommend you go to England. There, you will get superb science education, make connections for future employment and learn to perfect your English. I suggest focusing on environmental sciences, renewable/alternative energy and recycling technology. Europe and Asia are bypassing the United States, so your future will be in Europe and Asia.

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Hariprasad’s Answer

Hi Abhishek,

First I suggest you try to join a good intermediate college for PU preferably since it's more better for Karnataka students.

Choose Science stream . preferably colleges like national college ,Loyola PU college will meet your requirements.

Enrol in exams like KVPY and apply for colleges through them directly after your intermediate. Preferably colleges like Christ college and
MS Ramiah applied sciences