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Dajanae C. Feb 25, 2015 556 views

How do you actually know what college is right for you?

I really want to go to KU , but i also want to go out of state and go to GSU in Atlanta Georgia. I honestly don't know what college i should go to because i need help to sort out my thoughts and feelings. #experience...


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Quentin K. May 05, 2016 526 views

What does the job market for Biomedical engineers look like?

Will there be jobs for biomed engineers coming out of college? If so, where? #college #engineering #engineer #professor #biology #professional...


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Sarahfina P. May 20, 2016 482 views

As a scientist, how do you find a job that allows you to study the material, but pays well?

From what I've hear, the higher paying jobs are mostly paper pushing, or directing other research, not hands on work. #scientist #science #laboratory #career #career-counseling...


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Keerthana M. Jun 03, 2016 508 views

How do I become a scientist?

For my future #doctor #teacher...


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Cameron F. Oct 25, 2016 576 views

What types of products for biomedical engineers create?

I am thinking about becoming a biomedical engineer and I want to learn more about what this job entails. This has always seemed interesting to me and I want to learn more about this occupation. #biomedical-engineering #biomedical...


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Kiran F. Feb 25, 2017 646 views

Which universities are offering associate degrees ?

I want to do 2 year associate degree but I need to know which universities are offering that ? I have google it but it seams mostly community colleges are offering associate degree but if you know any university are offering please tell me Maybe in Virginia or Texas or Maryland...

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Jalen G. Mar 04, 2018 261 views

How can I balance sports and school in college?

I am a future communications major and tennis student athlete. I'm very excited to do both, but I have reservations about the work needed to do both. How do you balance the two? #sports #student-athlete...


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Mackenzie T. Aug 17, 2018 240 views
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Anthony T. Jul 24, 2019 185 views
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Ethan A. Mar 25, 2020 326 views

With COVID-19 happening, how can I get a job in the following fields: data, analytics, or business?

I am a college freshman who has experience in all three of these fields through internships, research positions, and other leadership opportunities. I'm wondering how the virus will effect me being able to get a job/internship in the future? #covid-19 #data-science #analytics #data-analytics...


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Iqra T. Jul 17, 2020 285 views
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Marie E. Jul 22, 2020 251 views

How can we be there for family durning Covid-19?

alot of signs and people are saying we are in this together but hospitals are not allowing visitors and we might have family there #hope...


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Nick H. Oct 26, 2020 136 views
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Tyler D. Nov 05, 2020 341 views

I feel like a total failure. How do I move on from here?

In high school, I got good grades. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA. I got into some great colleges like NYU tisch, Syracuse, Pitt, UConn, PSU, etc. I'm the oldest of 10 kids, and from a poor family. My dads a janitor, and my mom is a waitress. I needed $7k/year to go to pitt (After FAFSA). My...

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