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I am a junior in high school, and I am interested in participating in a research internship this summer in a natural science field. What are some of the best programs near me?

Hi Brynna, I would suggest making this question broader so that more professionals can answer it. For instance, instead of asking for programs in you area, you might want to know how you would go about finding science related internships in general. Gurpreet Lally, Team

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3 answers

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Robert’s Answer

Summer research opportunities for high school students are usually only available either through a personal connection or through "summer science institutes" and their equivalent. There are listings of the latter online, like
Be warned that most of these programs are very competitive.

A listing in your specific area of interest (e.g. would be more helpful, if you can find it, but generally steer clear of .com sites that are trying to make money from your interest.
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Manashree’s Answer

Hey Brynna,
I don't know of any formal programs in MA but you can always email Professors at universities or colleges near you and ask if they are looking for research interns for the summer. You can use a standard email script such as
"Hello, I am (insert one or two line introduction). I am interested in ( insert name of subject or topic you like). I am wondering if you have a position for a summer research intern? I am interested in this internship because (reason why you want to do it) etc etc."

Most people may not respond to your emails but there is no harm in trying. You can research Professors and their labs on university websites.

Hope this helps.
Good luck!
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James’s Answer

Try checking the Battelle website. They do some really intetesting studies. Google intern positions. Check with locale environmental firms, public water supply districts, your high school science teachers, public figures and engineering firms.
Good luck.