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How long does it take to become an cna?

i like to work and help people out. #medicine #doctor #cna #nursing #healthcare #nurse

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5 answers

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Kerrie’s Answer

It depends on the program you choose. There are a number of different programs, so you just need to find the one that is a great fit for you and your needs. I would suggest to Google "Find CNA programs in City, Stae" that you live in or surrounding area as a place to start. This may list a lot and you can click on the individual links to see which length or program and cost of program fits your needs.

For example, I Googled "Find CNA programs in Aurora, CO" and here is what I found:

Aurora CNA Training - Find CNA Classes in Aurora, Colorado ...www.nursegroups.com › programs › CNA › CO › Aurora
The Internet's most complete directory of Aurora, Colorado CNA Programs. Get the information you need - Easily contact multiple schools for free.

Nursing Assistant | Community College of Aurora in Colorado ...www.ccaurora.edu › programs-classes › departments › health-services
College degree of AA, AS or higher. To enroll in the program: Students must get clearance from the department. NUA Course Descriptions. Program Schedule.

Nurse Aide Program | Aurora, CO | Pickens Technical Collegewww.pickenstech.org › programs › nurse-aide
Our 105-hour program prepares the student to work as a nurse aide in an extended care facility. Call Pickens Technical College in Aurora, CO for more today!

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Denver CO, Aurora COaplmed.com › certified-nursing-assistant-cna-denver-co
Lowest tuition in Denver Metro Area(if you find cheaper we beat the price). Shortest program in Colorado. Both morning and night classes to fit your schedule ...

Free CNA Training in Colorado - CNA Free Trainingcnafreetraining.com › cna-training-in-colorado
CNA classes in Colorado Springs; CNA classes in Denver; Aurora, CO CNA classes. Find Free CNA Training and Classes Near You. If you're looking for free ...

There was a ton more bu this is just a sample of what pulls up. Happy searching!

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Aaron’s Answer

Hi Jada,

When I became a Certified Nursing Assistant I had to first enroll in a CNA program that is accredited by the state I live in. The program I attended was little over 1 week with the first 5 days in the classroom for 8 hours learning how to perform the CNA skills such as giving a bed bath and infection control with how to wash your hands properly. Then on one day you learn first aid training giving chest compressions when someone collapses and has a heart attack. You have 2 days of clinical where you go and spend time at a long-term care facility that cares for old people who can’t take care themselves and live on their own using the skills you learned in the classroom. After you complete the course you take the states exam to achieve your CNA license. Hope this helps.

-Thank you,

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David’s Answer

To become a CNA, you must initially complete a state-approved training course. After completion of this course, you would then also be required to pass an exam too.

If you follow a typical route, CNA training courses last from 4-12 weeks, and they will cover pretty much everything you need to know to be a good CNA. You can, of course, take a more in-depth course which lasts up to 6 months and provides you with a more comprehensive education.

It is important to remember that whether you take a four-week program or a six month one, you will only receive the same amount of credits.

It is also essential that you use a state-accredited exam center and training program as this will be the only way to secure employment after your training.

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Katie’s Answer

Generally, most certified nursing assistant programs take between four and 12 weeks. This is broken into contact hours and clinic practice.

You won’t need a degree in order to become a CNA, but you will need to earn a certificate and pass a competency exam. The educational requirements vary from state to state, but expect to invest four to 12 weeks to earn your CNA credential.

In CNA classes, you’ll learn about infection control, taking vital signs and delivering personal care. Topics might also include communication skills and patients’ rights. Upon completing your coursework, you’ll take the CNA certification exam, which usually includes a multiple-choice exam and a manual skills test.

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YVONNE’s Answer

Hi Jada

A CNA Course is a short one. You can become a CNA in 2-3 months. CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. This is the beginning phase of the nursing field.