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Where can I find people to start a new club at my university with?

You could visit classes and network with students that are somewhat related, i.e. CS class for a coding club. Additionally you could visit online communities like Reddit for your university to see if there is any interest there and post flyers around your campus. You can also network by word of mouth, maybe your friends aren't interested but they might know someone who is. Agang D.

Hi. Post your interest on bulletin boards around campus or near student union. Sine we are all virtual now, post interests online in hangout rooms, etc., to see if others are interested. Also,breach out to student body government. They will have contacts to all clubs on campus, ex., the Treasurer has to meet and allocate funds, etc. Then, you can find out from some established clubs how they formed. Good luck! Brett Austin

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5 answers

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Angela D.’s Answer

Great question! Agang had great suggestions.... I'll add a few more. Every university has some kind of campus life or student organization department that you can check with in terms of networking ideas and permission to post flyers on campus in approved areas (like the library, bookstore, eating areas, entryways to buildings, etc.). Plus, you'll need to be in contact with them in order to register your club/organization, arrange for free space to meet, and advertise (like holding information tables, etc.). You may be able to get free photocopies, a dedicated email address and mailbox, and some kind of website presence. Often you need a faculty or staff advisor who can sponsor your group. There may be a minimum number of initial members required and students who will serve in leadership positions such as president, treasurer, etc. Your new group should be distinct enough from other existing clubs. Finally, you'll also probably need something like a constitution or set of goals, which will also be helpful to explain what your new group is all about and assist in recruiting members. In the end, have fun with this! Obviously, you've discovered a need and that's important in and of itself...best, Dr. B

Angela D. recommends the following next steps:

Check with Student/Campus Life Department for requirements & assistance

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Ari’s Answer

My best suggestion would be to start with your friends or peers that are in your classes and share similar interests. One of the most important things with bringing a club to campus is having enough interest to create an exec board and have members to attend the meeting. My general rule of thumb would to have at least 10 people that are interested. The other thing that I will say is that in some cases you might need to go before the Student Government Association for approval and if that is the case, make sure that you have two people presenting that have all of the information about the club that you are trying to start and make sure that they are comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd. At the university I go to we have what is called an organization summit where the people that want to start a club present to a small population of the student body and they vote on whether you go to present at the next Student Government Association meeting or not.

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Holden’s Answer

A great way to find peers who would want to start a club with you is through social media! If the school has a Facebook student group, you could pitch your club idea and ask if anyone would be interested in starting it. Depending on the school, you can have an announcement or email sent out to the student body, telling them to email/call/text you if interested. You could even put up flyers all around the school (with permission) to help find interested peers. I hope this helps, good luck!

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Elana’s Answer

Visit your campus Office of Students Affairs. There is generally an activities fee you are already paying every semester. There may be similar clubs already operating, or they might have lists of people open to setting up a new.club....and perhaps some.funding to help out.

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Mike’s Answer

Hi Olivia!

All great suggestions by the others!

To add, research your school (online) for something like Campus Life, Student Activities, and Student Organizations.
I checked my former school's website, and there's actually a link to 'Register An Organization'. Assuming your school has similar resources, those links/contacts can provide more explicit guidelines on the requirements in order to create a new organization.

Similar to other responses, start thinking about a Purpose, Target Group, Bylaws, and Category (e.g. Art, Academic, Cultural, Political, etc), for your Organization. This will help compare your Org's needs with others already established to see if there are similarities, or a unique niche which has to to be addressed. Also, consider a professor who might serve as an Advisor for your Org. This will ensure you're aligned with the University.

Aside, when I went to school I was part of a new Organization that had to 1) Register with the Study Organization Body, 2) Secure an Advisor, and 3) Create a Constitution and Bylaws for how we'd conduct business, when we'd meet, how we'd solicit new members, etc. The advisor will help you throughout the process.

Sounds exciting! Good luck to you!

Mike recommends the following next steps:

Research your University online for Registering New Organizations
Create a draft of Purpose, Target Audience/Group, and Category
Consider candidates (professor) as an Advisor