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Ralph Mar 05, 2020 1088 views

How much education, and or training do you typically need to work in IT?

#it #education #information-technology #computer #college

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Ellen Jul 17, 2020 1258 views

I have no idea which career I want to pursue

I have no idea which career I want to pursue. I'm interested in technology, business, and also medicine. #career-options

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jul 03, 2020 674 views

How do you train yourself to be more self-disciplined?

I day dream wayyyy too much. But because of it I'm super ambitious. #selfimprovement

Mireia’s Avatar
Mireia Jan 25, 2018 12584 views

If you could redo college, what would you do differently?

#college #college-major #college-admissions #college-advice ##college #college-bound #college-recruiting #colleges #university #user-experience #nursing #teaching #education #psychology #computer-science #science #stem #engineering #accounting #business #college-counseling #lawyer...

Sohail’s Avatar
Sohail Jun 20, 2016 1053 views

What are the things that I need to take care while choosing a career?

What are the things that I need to take care while choosing a career? #doctor #engineer #teacher #lawyer #educator #counseling #manager

Tanwani’s Avatar
Tanwani Sep 25, 2019 375 views

Which is difficult between IT and software engineering

I love Careers that will allow me to have time with my family , time with friends and earn a good some of money and can also work as an entrepreneur #engineer

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Oct 25, 2019 465 views

How did you get there?

i am going to attend Cal Baptist University, i want to double major , studying Criminal Justice and Philosophy. I like basketball and also like history a lot because of the things that caused society to be the way it is right now. #criminal-justice #college

Sincere’s Avatar
Sincere May 07, 2020 1032 views

How can I better myself at staying on task

it’s hard for me to sit down and do work I need like help or someone to sit with me and do my work or at least help me if I get stuck starting something #cantstopmoving

Harshit’s Avatar
Harshit Apr 29, 2020 740 views

How do you motivate your employees?


Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Mar 06, 2020 595 views

Where can I find people to start a new club at my university with?

#college #college-advice #club #extracurricular

christopher’s Avatar
christopher Nov 27, 2019 676 views

Would the military be a good step or should i just go back to school


Martin’s Avatar
Martin Aug 21, 2018 533 views

How do I start makinrg friends at school?

What are the best ice breakers?
#college #experiences

kirthik’s Avatar
kirthik Oct 26, 2018 588 views

hi im a student in P6 my asked research about this job. could u help me?.

I need to know about the qualifications,pros and cons and what type of mindset and skills u should have .#Preschool research

christopher’s Avatar
christopher Nov 27, 2019 525 views

Can i live a happy life by making a career out of the military