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Ze Y. Mar 04, 2020 231 views

What's the best career decision you've ever made?

Looking to get into the health care field after my BS. #healthcare #medicine #nursing #doctor...


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Jenny L. Apr 20, 2020 398 views

How can I be more confident?

I am majoring in architecture for college and I know that there will be many presentations that I will be giving. I am naturally a shy person but I still know exactly what I'm doing. However, when I am presenting I start forgetting what I have to say. #architecture...


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Allison M. May 03, 2020 166 views

How do apply for scholarships work for senior year?

# I am 17 years old and I go to Charles H McCann Technical high school. # I want a successful life of owning a horse of my own, having a job I love, taking care of my dog Max, and living at my parents house to be there to help them when they need me to.\ #career I'm going for Financial...


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Hannah M. May 06, 2020 206 views

Is it a good idea to go PhD program from professional master's program?

I am a graduate student in a professional school. I began the program envisioning being a product manager, but I realized that I wanted to be a scholar than working for a business. Do you think it is wise to pivot my career and throw the investment that I made at the professional school and...

#phd #graduate-school #college #academia