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How much does a pediatrician make an hour?

I'm interested in becoming a pediatrician. #medicine #health #pediatrician #salary #financial-planning

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5 answers

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Taylor’s Answer

Hey Camryn!

What a pediatrician makes will depend on location, years of experience, and many other factors. Here is a good range of what they will make:

You can also google search for more information on your individual state as well.

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Richard’s Answer

Depends on practice setting and location. A reasonable range is $90-150 per hour. Private practice pediatricians generally make more than those in academic setting.

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Rachel’s Answer

Many pediatricians make 200-250K /year. This comes out to $100-150 /hr, but can vary depending on how many patients you tend to see per day.

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Estelle’s Answer

This is highly variable, depending on your practice model and if you have NP's or PA's working for you. The average pediatrician makes about $225,000 a year.

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Camryn: Here's some additional information you may find helpful on How to Become a Pediatrician.


How much does a pediatrician make an hour in North Carolina?


Best of Luck to You!

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

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Research salary.com - North Carolina https://www1.salary.com/NC/Pediatric-Physician-salary.html
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