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What should I take into this consideration when choosing this career?

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4 answers

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Pratiksha’s Answer

Hi Lana,

I would say find out what u like doing & what not. I believe you can always do better with what you really love to do.
Now finding out what you love & what not is also a tricky task. You need to explore the things whatever coming your way.
You can also go by elimination method in that you just need to find out what you don't like doing at all. That way you can eliminate the fields which lesser interest you. e.g. if you don't like maths & science, don't go for engineer or biology. If you don't like figures/calculations, don't go for commerce/economics. If you like presenting/teaching, you can be a teacher. This can help you to choose among from the streams if you are confused.
So, just go ahead, explore & know yourself, once you get to know what your interests areas are, you can reach out to people how to proceed with the field you chosen for yourself.
All the very best!

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Aram’s Answer

Lana, I think I answered this in my long(ish) answer to your question about what advice I might give to someone thinking about getting into law (I talked about choices for undergrad studies, what to think about when picking a law school, and reasons to actually become a practicing attorney). Notwithstanding that, I will add that the first few years as a young attorney will not be easy, you will not necessarily get the most interesting assignments and, as you are learning you will find that you are spending a lot of hours working. But, don't let that get you down, it gets better quickly after that, and if you are a self-starter and not afraid of pressure and hard work, you can advance pretty quickly. One of the things I mentioned in the other post, is that I would not suggest getting into this career if your number one concern is making a lot of money. The money can be there, but if you hate what you do (as several of my classmates have found) no amount of money will be enough. However, if you find a niche that you love, the work will come easily, your enthusiasm will rub off on your colleagues and potential clients and you will find yourself in the midst of a successful and fulfilling career. Lastly, give some thought to where you might like to be permanently, not every location has needs for every type of lawyer, so, if there is a type of law that interests you, do some research as to where that type of law might be in demand. Alternatively, if there is a particular place you would like to live, research the industries that are dominant and the area and give some thought as to whether you would like to practice in that field. Best of luck!!

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Lauren’s Answer

Hi Lana!

I did not go into law, but I did work for 2 years as a file clerk in a commercial litigation firm and was heavily considering going to law school after I finished my BA.

Things I took into consideration before making my decision not to go into law:
- It is A LOT of reading, researching, and writing. Are you good at hitting deadlines? Organized? Thinking outside the box?
- It's a high-pressure job. It depends on the type of law you go into... but consider that an innocent person could go to jail or someone could lose a lot of money because of you didn't win a case.
- Work-life balance. You will spend the majority of your day either in court or in your office.

Those are just some of the things I took into consideration before deciding that the career just wasn't for me! I needed more face time with people and less writing, ended up with a career in Corporate Social Responsibility. No regrets :)

Hope this helps,

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David’s Answer

The pressure, the books, the jurisdiction, the law, the numerous of studying during law school but still base on which law school you go to and if they are about on field study or theoretical study, and how big the case you are handling. In order to succeed through law school and/or working in the law field, main things is balance such as time, work-load, and drafting. If you are able to control all these things you will definitely succeed and not going to over work yourself or thinking too much toward thing you do need to think about.