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Hannah G. Feb 28, 2020 179 views

Is there one route that is better than another to get into law school?

I am super curious about multiple "potential careers", one of them being law. I am starting university in the fall of 2020, and am wondering if there is particular undergraduate degrees that are more effective when entering a law program. #law-school #law #college #lawyer #...

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Sarah Y. Apr 12, 2020 162 views

How many years will it take for me to become a lawyer after high school?

After I graduate high school, how many years of school will it take for me to get a law degree? I am interested in becoming a lawyer. #law...


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Henry L. Apr 12, 2020 172 views

What do Lawyers do immediately after law school?

This question is asked in the context of opening their own practice or joining a firm #law-school #lawyer...


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Harry B. Apr 12, 2020 191 views
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Harry B. Apr 12, 2020 155 views

If I were going to be a lawyer, what process would I go through post undergraduate schooling? What's the different levels of schooling, training, and interning before I am a full-fledged lawyer?

I'm in high school hoping to go into either a health or law profession after college. I am currently undecided about which university I want to go to and what my major will be. #law #law-school...