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Is it hard to become a dance teacher at a good studio?

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I want to be a dance teacher after I graduate from college. I've danced for 9 years and want to major in Dance. #dance #ballet #career #dance-education #art #performing-arts #career-counseling

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Ciara, Great question! I studied dance as a child and youth, and teaching it was my first career after high school. It was also my first career going back into the workforce after marrying and having children. Teaching was very rewarding for me because I love people and have a very service oriented personality. Originally, I taught at two different studios at the same time, in order to get more hours. Later on, I taught in after school programs, and a few private lessons in my home. Time management and organization are important; people are expecting you to be there on time and to be prepared to provide a rewarding lesson. It's been many years since I have taught, or danced, but it was not difficult for me to get work back then. I'm not aware of much about the current job market for dance teachers, so I don't know about how competitive it might have become. Possibly, it is much the same, as there are always people and children who want to be taught, if only for their own enjoyment. It would be good to start by working for a dance studio, because then you have other instructors and a director that you can go to when you have questions or need advice. You might start out as a substitute teacher, and then take over an instructor's classes when they move on. Community school programs, after school programs and recreation centers seem to always need good, dedicated instructors. It can be great fun, and also quite demanding, requiring a lot of patience. A good sense of humor and enthusiasm really helps too. I wish you the very best, and hope that this career works well for you if you decide to make it yours!