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Can i apply for campus ambassador or any internship program?

I’m looking for the opportunity to expand my learning, put to use my skills and experience, work in a team. programming computer internship personal-development studentintern ship computer-science technology

Hi Somali, Is there a specific ambassador program or internship that you are hoping to get involved with ? The more information you can provide, the more detailed professionals can be in their responses Gurpreet Lally, Team

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5 answers

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Judy’s Answer

Hi Somali!

Hope you are doing well and staying safe/healthy during this time. I'd love to ask you a few questions:

1. Does the university you're interested in already have a campus ambassador program?
2. If they don't, would you be open to creating one as a part of your internship?

If you're truly looking for team work experience, the campus ambassador or internship program should be a great place to start.
Consider also looking at leadership programs within your major and if they don't have any, why not create one?
Good luck to you!
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Tanya’s Answer

Hi Somali, I think it's awesome that you're being proactive in seeking industry experiences! Applying for internship programs will definitely provide lots of opportunities to expand your learning, put your skills to use, and work in a team setting.

Often times, internships are a one-term work assignment and will usually take place during the summer. To gain experience during the school year, I would recommend looking into other IT-related jobs on your campus, considering becoming a CS tutor, joining a research lab, applying to co-ops, or contributing to personal or group projects.

A co-op usually refers to a multi-term work agreement with an employer. They're awesome because you can work full- or part-time depending on your employer in conjunction with going to school.

Staring your own personal project or working with friends on a group project are great ways of gaining more experience with programming, learning different languages and frameworks, as well as working on something you find exciting and fun! Sometimes it can be daunting to start your own project from scratch, so you can also look into contributing to open source projects. Not only are you learning and improving your existing skills, but also you are able to meet other like-minded individuals and contribute to existing projects that you can easily add to your resume! I've included this guide that provides more information on how to get started if that interests you at all (

I hope you find this information helpful, good luck and continue to work hard! :-)

Tanya recommends the following next steps:

Research IT/CS campus job postings
Research available CS co-op and research opportunities on your campus
Become a CS tutor on campus or Volunteer to teach CS
Start working on a (personal, group, and/or open source) project

Hi Somali, I think Tanya offered great advice. The IT help desk where I attended college hired many students. It was a great experience to grow technical skills. Katie Neumeyer

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Jason’s Answer

Hi Somali. Do you refer to campus ambassadors of companies? This role usually helps promote the experience in the companies, sometimes products/services of the companies. In some way, it's like marketing role. Are you interested in it? I can see that you hashtag computer science and programming in your question. In that case, perhaps interns as a software engineer would be more suitable for you. Good luck in your search.
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Anthony’s Answer

Yes you can. Usually in career services they can point you in the direction you need for internship. Also your professor may have insight on additional internship that correspondence with your major
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David’s Answer

You can definitely apply for campus ambassador or any internship program while attending or start your college pathway. You can just go to your college admission office, career services office, student activities office, and etc. to find more information about it as well apply for being a campus ambassador or look for any internship program that is being offer in your study field or outside of school as well. You can also ask you professor or adviser for some assistance or guide you to the right place of your choice. Definitely, go to your college admission office, career services office, student activities office, and etc. if you don't want to ask your professor or adviser.