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What type of schools and how many should a pre medical student apply to?

Updated Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

There's so many great schools out there for pre med studies and I can't narrow down my choices even to a top 10! Are there certain schools I should or shouldn't be applying to? #school #pre-med #field-applications #medicine #college #medical #college-major #higher-education

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Nancy’s Answer

Regina, there is no best school for pre-med. What you do need is to take the prerequisites for medical school. That can be accomplished from many different majors. Some colleges don't have a designated pre-med degree because of that fact. It is more important to pick a school which will help you prepare to succeed on the MCAT, and which is a good fit for you. Grades are very important for applying to medical school, even more than which school you pick. Also, pick one where you will have time for related extra-curricular pursuits, such as EMT volunteer or health center volunteer to add evidence of your passion for medicine.