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Is it easier to go to a junior college first then transfer to a 4-year?

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Jordan’s Answer

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Hey Kylee! Great question! I was a transfer student from a junior college into a four year and totally loved my choice! Not only was I given the time to decide where to embark my career path on, but also I saved tons of money doing so! There are major benefits from transferring over, such as security of acceptance depending on the partnerships/agreements your junior college has with the four year you decide to transfer to. For instance, a local community college can require students to take "X" amount of classes/units, possibly specific courses, and the ability to maintain a certain GPA level in agreement of transferring over to a specific four year college. Because I went to community college and transferred over to a four year, I was not required to take the SAT exam. If you decide to go to a junior college first, great! If you decide to jump straight into a 4 year that is great too! I think it is different for everyone. Junior college does help for those not decided on a major and those who would like to save a little financially before embarking into completing their undergraduate degree! #community-college #junior-college #transfer #college-transfer #college #college-bound

Bryan’s Answer

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It was easier for me to do that.  I went to a junior college and transferred to a 4-year university and it worked.  The good part about it is that the junior college was less expensive and the class sizes were smaller.  For me, I also saved money by living at home during that time.  Check with the 4-year university ahead of time to make sure you don't lose credits when transferring, and check with the department of your specialty or your counselor to make sure they know what you plan to do.   Also, keep in mind that your classmates at the 4-year university spend the first couple of years learning the ropes and establishing relationships, so  you may have to work a little harder to establish relationships.  It might be a good idea to pay attention to group study and friendships because helpful information about classes and professors often gets shared through your social connections.  You may have fewer distractions at a junior college your first two  years, but you might also have to make a quick adjustment when you transfer into the 4-year.  It can work well though, and that is how I did it.  Whether it is easier or not probably depends on the schools you are choosing, but even if it feels easier, you should try to work harder than you think you need to in case the 4-year is more challenging.

Julie’s Answer


I went to community college and then finished at a 4 year college. I don’t think it is easier. I still had to take all the same classes to meet the degree requirements. But if you are concerned about adjusting to college life it could make that easier for you. They are usually smaller than 4 year colleges and can be a good way to adjust to college life.