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What are a few entry level job titles you can apply for with a psychology degree and an interest in the mental health industry?

I am a recent graduate and my two strongest skills are facilitating and leadership. mental-health mental-health-counseling public-health health JULY20 July

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3 answers

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Hoang’s Answer

Hello Christiana,

Congratulations on completing your Bachelor Degree! What an accomplishment.
Sounds like you are now in the process of job searching, which might be daunting given current events. Fortunately, I think the helping profession are currently in high demands as many clinical agencies serving vulnerable populations are hiring employees.

In regards to an entry level position in Psychology, the field of Applied Behavior Analysis have the brightest employment outlook. For most positions in ABA, you will likely work with clients (most often times children) with Autism. These positions are often called Job Coach, Behavior Technician, Skill Acquisition Trainer.

If you are interested in a more clinical route, many sites offer unpaid internship opportunities. Although these volunteer experiences are often unpaid, they are a good opportunity for you to get your feet wet, build your clinical experiences, as well as expand your professional network.

Another route might be working as an administrative assistant at a doctor's office, where you will be able to interact with clients and work in a clinical setting.

Hope that helps!

Hoang recommends the following next steps:

Behavior Health (Job Coach, Behavior technician)
Administrative Assistant at a doctor's office
Intern at clinics to get experiences.

Hi Hoang, thank you so much. That was extremely helpful and exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely take those things into consideration when looking. Christiana O.

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Cameren’s Answer

As someone who also just graduated with B.A. in Psychology and an interest in Mental Health I have researched what entry level jobs I could hold. One that I found interesting is an ABA behavior therapist where you work with children and teens on the autism spectrum. Another opportunity would be going to mental health clinics and facilities and asking if the have any entry level positions available such a clerical work. I know that isn't the most exciting but at least you are now able to surround yourself with people in your field of interest and make connections.

If this is just a job that you're looking for to fill in time between graduate and undergraduate school I would suggest looking in the AmeriCorps programs. They offer a wide variety of programs and you could find one that matches your skills and interests. It is considered a "volunteer" position but you generally receive a monthly living stipend and upon successful completion of the program you get a grant that can be used towards future schooling or past debt. An additional benefit lis that the positions are located all around the United States, so it is an opportunity to travel and explore a new city/state before going to grad school. I hope this was helpful.
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Cindy’s Answer

If you're looking for an alternative route using your degree in interests, consider Mental Health Marketing opportunities (marketing, social media, communications promoting mental health services or organizations) or even corporate opportunities in human resources, such as organizational effectiveness. You'd be suprised the non-traditional opportunities available to someone with your degree who doesn't necessarily want to complete a Masters or PhD to practice therapy or pyschiatry.