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How do you handle hearing the stories from a young child and woman on being abused?

I am junior in the business of sports school and i am wondering if I will be able to handle the stories coming from my clients. #work #social #sociology #worker

Stacia - Is this a question about being a social worker? It doesn't actually say that anywhere in your question, but I'm guessing that's the topic based on the topics you chose. If so, maybe you should mention that in the body of your question! (You can edit the question by going to your question and clicking "edit" underneath it). Jared Chung BACKER

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Jared’s Answer


I am not a social worker, so I will defer to other social workers on CareerVillage to provide personal accounts. However, I wanted to share with you this study conducted by the National Association of Social Workers which discussed how social workers manage their own stress. Social work is a stressful career, because of the emotional challenges people face, but also because of the day-to-day lifestyle requirements of the career. Here's a link to the study: http://workforce.socialworkers.org/whatsnew/stress.pdf

To give you the short answer (paraphrased from this survey): the top three most common stress management tactics are exercise, meditation, and therapy.


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