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How can I promote/market my artwork so it will get noticed?

Trying to get into the art world. Art and painting is my passion. #fine-art #the-arts #art #artist #artists #painter #painting

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5 answers

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Joan’s Answer

Great question because many artists don't realize that getting their work out there will take some marketing efforts on their part.
First, make sure that your portfolio reflects your best work. Find a website where you can display your work and where you can refer people. (Sites like Artspan will do all the work for you for about$20.month. If this is too expensive, explore alternatives.)
Set realistic expectations. Supporting yourself as an artist , unless you become a commercial/graphic artist , will take some time.
Keep your day job while you build your following.
Many of the in person marketing avenues----having a show at your local library,in person networking, art exhibitions and fairs, galleries etc-are not available now because of Covid. So, you need to be more creative and use online/social media to your advantage.

Because there is so much info that can be helpful to you, I have listed some links below including the basics of marketing and how you can develop an effective digital strategy.
Hope this helps.



This was tremendously helpful! I appreciate the links and the advice! You've left me very inspired and excited to start and continue the journey. Thanks again! Ash A.

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Patrick’s Answer

Create a website with your portfolio. There are many free options, and then market it via social media. I would also look for mentors or advocates that have already-established large audiences and can help you out. Don't be discourage if it's tough to find an advocate - maybe only 1 out of 10 will be helpful, but if find that 1, he/she can be tremendously helpful!

Thank you for your reply. Ash A.

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Judith’s Answer

Featuring your work on a website such as FASO will have it in a place where associations can recognize it. It is also good to enter national and international shows during this time when galleries are closed. Most shows are virtual but the recognition for being featured in a renown gallery will help to build patronage during this shutdown. Keep working your brush miles every day to improve technique. When cafes and community spaces open up, inquire about having a one person show and invite your associations to check it out.

Great ideas, thank you! I never thought of inviting anyone other than family and friends, like associations I belong to to any showings. You gave me a lot to think about, thank you again! Ash A.

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Simeon’s Answer

See if there are local cafes that would be willing to display your work for free. You could potentially even find a buyer for your art who would then take your art home, show it to guests, and talk about it with others. Sometimes, you might want to consider setting lower prices for your art at first to get people to take the art home. Also, enter any local competitions or organizations related to art to increase your reach and connections within the art world.

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Vimal’s Answer

Hi Ash!

Great question. Marketing is a whole skill in itself and often times artists hire agents to do this work for them. In the beginning you'll probably rely a lot on yourself.

You can find a lot of great resources for free on marketing online via Youtube or Google.

Social media platforms are a great way to start marketing yourself and your artwork. I would suggest creating a regular posting pattern remember the social half of social media! Be active in the community, respond to other artists work, reach out to folks and organizations who are doing art you appreciate. Be consistent and always be your biggest cheerleader!

Thank you for the advice! I sometimes get so caught up in my own work that I forget to comment on others' work and to network. Thanks again! Ash A.