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When should I start studying for the SAT?

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3 answers

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Ro’s Answer

With the SAT requirements for colleges up in the air - keep up with the news on how colleges will be determining acceptance. That being said, most high school students take the SAT in Junior and early Senior year. I suggest beginning practicing the summer after Freshman year- that gives you a full Sophomore year and part of Junior year to get acquainted with the exam, and more importantly, improve any weak areas. For example, you may need to brush up and practice your grammar skills for the Writing & Language section, or practice Reading comprehension and the strategies for answering the questions. I teach SAT from time to time, and I've even had Junior High school students in my courses!

Everyone is different and has different sets of skills, so I'd suggest taking a PSAT to see where you need to improve. Remember, because it's a timed test, your score may not reflect your true abilities, so learning the strategies is sometimes as important as improving your skills. Once you identify your strengths and weaknesses, find a good practice program or text and practice, practice, practice! Best of luck to you!

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David’s Answer

Usually you want to start studying for the SAT in your junior year so you have a chance to take it multiple times. You can sign up for preparation couses as well.

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Javier’s Answer

It will depend on several factors, preparing for some people may reqire more or less time depending on several factors, so you have to identify limitations like connectivity, other studies that may requiere or demand time, etc. There are several resourses to help you organize and get ready on time, review them and see if there is something that can adapt to your needs and guide you.

Hi Javier, this is good info but it doesn't directly answer the student's question. Do you have any suggestions on when they should start preparing or have any resources that would help them make that decision? Gurpreet Lally