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Where do you look to find grants and scholarships for college?

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4 answers

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Ricky’s Answer

There are a number of great resources out there for grants and scholarships. 101 College Grants You've Never Heard Of is a great resource. The site has a variety of different grants from the federal to the state level. For example, the Central Alabama Community Foundation, Michigan Tuition Grant, the Hope scholarship in Ga and many others can help pay for your higher education expenses.


Much appreciated. Zemira M.

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Zemira! You can get state grants, when you apply for FAFSA, the financial aid assistance application for college. Based on your parents'/guardians' income, FAFSA will determine your aid and you can be eligible to get grants by the state, like Pell Grants is an example, which you won't pay back. So definitely fill out FAFSA and early as well to see what you are eligible for but be aware that these may change by state. I also know of Fastweb.com and Scholarships.com which offer financial assistance in terms of scholarships and grants as well. Also if you are in high school check with the main office/guidance counselor because there can be available scholarships to fill out. It can be difficult to get scholarships and it takes time to fill them out but definitely try and research and hopefully you will end with one or a couple!

Best of luck!

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Grace’s Answer

You can find many scholarships on the internet, but I would first look and see if your college you're attending or planning on attending offers any. Sometimes when you join clubs and organizations at your school they will give you a small scholarship or give you the opportunity to apply to scholarships exclusively available to members of that club. Federal grants are also available and there are different ones available for people in all kinds of fields. There's some National Science Foundation grants, scholarships through the Department of Defense, etc.

Thank you. Zemira M.

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Dana’s Answer

Hi Zemira! Your future college or university financial aid website is a good place to start to find grants and scholarships. However, make sure you apply for FAFSA every single year. Also, there are some grants that will pay off you students loans once you start working specifically in public service like for example teaching or nursing.
I hope this helps!