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Zemira Aug 22, 2020 353 views

Where do you look to find grants and scholarships for college?

#study #college #university

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Zemira Aug 22, 2020 231 views

Prior to my interest in medicine, I enjoyed doing art (drawing and sketching). Are there any medical professions that I can incorporate my love for both? [I know this may be a long shot]

#art #medicine #career

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Emily Mar 16, 2020 352 views

What do History Graduate Programs look for in their applicant?

How much do history grad programs weigh GPA vs Test Score vs Personal Statement? And what kind of work/internship experience do they look for/if any?
#graduate-school #history

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Ashley Mar 19, 2020 507 views

How can I find a health-related internship for this summer?

I was planning to stay on campus this summer and do research, but due to COVID-19, my research program has been cancelled. I’ll now be spending my summer at home (in Las Vegas). I’m really struggling to find pre-med or health-related internships in Las Vegas and was looking for some assistance...

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Erick Mar 20, 2020 1102 views

Is it even worth it to look for an internship for this summer?

I was looking for an accounting internship but with #COVID-19 is it even worth my time?

#accounting #internship