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Las Vegas, Nevada
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I am currently a pre-medical student who hopes to go to medical school and become a physician.

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Ashley Mar 19, 2020 538 views

How can I find a health-related internship for this summer?

I was planning to stay on campus this summer and do research, but due to COVID-19, my research program has been cancelled. I’ll now be spending my summer at home (in Las Vegas). I’m really struggling to find pre-med or health-related internships in Las Vegas and was looking for some assistance...

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Ashley Mar 28, 2018 522 views

How important are AP scores?

I'm a junior that's currently enrolled in 4 AP classes and planning to take tests for each of these classes and one more. However, I don't feel fully prepared for all of the tests, and I'm required by my school to take them for GPA points. Will I be hurt by poor scores? #testing #ap-tests...

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Ashley Mar 27, 2018 436 views

Should I apply to colleges that seem out of reach?

In considering which schools to apply to, I've realized that some schools are definitely reach schools. Is it worth it to apply? #university-applications #college #reach

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Ashley Mar 27, 2018 376 views

What are good majors for students with medical aspirations?

I'm currently considering biochemistry, psychology, and sociology, but I don't know which majors are the best for medical aspirations. #majors #college #college-major #medicine