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Are AP classes similar to college classes?

No, although many classes are and that is the point of AP. At the undergraduate level, many classes are required outside of the major. AP is designed to let the student test out of the general required classes. Alins A.

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4 answers

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Daniela! I agree with the previous answers; AP classes are very similar to college classes. The only difference might be that you have more time with teachers and possibly smaller classes than in college where professors work mostly with office hours and sometimes can be limited with giving extra time. They can be time consuming in that you need to study more and therefore a little bit of a challenge but definitely a good experience especially if you will be moving onto more complex classes; for example taking AP Chem and then taking organic chemistry later on in college. If it really interests you then try it out and see; you can even take the AP exam and get credits for it towards college so you don't have to retake the same class again, saving time and money as well!

Best of luck!

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Pak’s Answer

AP classes are definitely worth taking. Although the content can be challenging, one can learn a lot from these advanced level courses. By taking AP classes, one is better prepared for the college workload.

College admissions can potentially look at the AP classes you take. If colleges see that a student takes the initiative to broaden their knowledge through AP classes, it may help the student in getting accepted into certain schools.

Best yet, I believe most colleges accept high scores on AP exams as college credit. Back in the day when I took APs, I received credit at the university level and saved a semester's worth of time and money! The following online article provides useful info on how AP classes can grant credit or placement at the college level.


So go for those AP classes. Don't take too many though, or it can be stressful. Try taking a few junior year, a few senior year. Study, score well, and you shall be rewarded gainfully entering college. Cheers,


Hey Pak, this is great information about AP classes and credit but doesn't directly answer the student's question. They wanted to know if AP classes are similar to college corses. Gurpreet Lally

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Heather’s Answer

Hi Daniela,

Yes, AP classes are very similar to college courses, and help prepare you to do well in college courses. In fact, some of the AP classes I took were mirror images of what college classes looked like.

AP classes are challenging, but they do prepare you for community college and university classes. Whether or not you take the AP test is up to you, and can depend on a variety of different factors, including how much money you can spare for the tests and whether or not the college you are applying to will accept the credits.

Good luck!


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Estelle’s Answer

All four of my children participated in AP classes, and these provided excellent preparation for college courses. Some of them were even more difficult than the same courses at our local community college.