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Whats the most challenging class you had to take to become a doctor?

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3 answers

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Estelle’s Answer

In college, physics was most challenging for me then organic chemistry.
In medical school, pharmacology was one of the most difficult classes.
Like Valerie and Shivani point out, everyone has different interests and ways of learning. Just work really hard and try to enjoy the process of learning. Do not be afraid to get tutors on those classes that seem too difficult. Sometimes, other people can rearrange information and make it easier to learn.

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Shivani’s Answer

Hi Daniela,

I am going to focus my answer of most difficult class IN MED school and not during my undergrad education. For me the answer is physiology. This course was difficult for me because it required knowledge and integrated concepts from all the other sciences (biochem, physics, chemistry) to understand how the human body functions. Reading out of a textbook or listening to lectures on: how kidneys filter, how the lungs expand and contract, how the heart beats with electrical activity--very difficult for me. I am a visual person so I need drawings and diagrams in videos to actually see these processes happen in an "animated" way to understand. As I changed my learning process it became easier but I realized that sometimes you have to ignore how everyone else learns and find a way that is suitable for YOU.

Hope this helps
Shivani Kamal

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Valerie’s Answer

I have to agree with the answer above that physiology is difficult. My most difficult class to become a doctor was organic chemistry in college, before medical school. It was really difficult because I am a tactile and visual learner; and for chemistry you have to imagine what the particles look like and what they are made of. Luckily, we had to take organic chemistry lab and that allowed me to understand how certain molecules and solutions worked.