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How did you come up with a creative business idea?

I started a small online business before closing it recently due to personal issues. But business is definitely my number one career choice. But the hardest part is thinking what to sell or what to create a business on... any help? business finance entrepreneurship online

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5 answers

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G. Mark’s Answer

None of my inventions were the result of sitting around and thinking, "How do I start a business?" They were always the result of seeing something that was "messed up" or "could be better" and just looking for a solution to that problem. Lots of times I could just look for something smart people have already done to fix it. But if not, sometimes I'd just come up with an idea. The point is that you should not look at this as, "How can I come up with a business idea?" but rather, "How can I solve this problem?" And trust me -- if you look around, there are tons of problems in the world that could use a solution. So just look at everything all day and think, "Is this perfect the way it is?" Likely not. There's your opportunity.

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Simeon’s Answer

The biggest thing would be identifying what there is demand for in your community. You could try looking around town and researching to see what kind of businesses seem to be missing in your part of town. If you can find a way to turn that gap into a coherent business plan, you've got a good starting point. Depending on the type of business, you might need a background in the industry to be able to start a new one successfully.
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Wilson’s Answer

Hello Belle D.
Some of the best Ways to Come Up With a Business Idea.
Ask yourself, "What's next?
Do something about what bugs you.
Look for new niches.
Apply your skills to an entirely new field.
Find a category lacking recent innovations.
Make a cheaper version of an existing product.
Talk to shoppers.
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Dana’s Answer

I feel that it is important to sell a product , idea, or services that you believe in and love. Anyone can sell a product but to find someone who loves their product that the sell makes it better. I have been in sales for over 20 years and found that my choice to sell medical equipment was the most rewarding , it wasn't just a sell it was I was making a difference in someone's life. I love selling my candles because I know that it makes someone happy. Guess what when you can make a difference in someone's life , it changes your life.
Best of luck in finding what you enjoy and what makes you happy. Not just a paycheck.

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Mei’s Answer

Do some market research in area that you are familiar with and see where the demand is.