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I have chose Electrical engineering for B.S now what?

Dear everyone,
I'm very thankful for all your support and time that you have dedicated for me. Well for those who don't know what I have been through, Im going to write you a fast story.
I was struggling choosing a good subject to study at University in Iran. Well I was able to go to top universities with top subjects to study in Iran. Anyway I have chose Electrical Engineering because of my family Business and being able to immigrate to other countries. My goal is to be a great CEO and having a business running nor in Iran nor in other countries. Some of you had advised me to study business but I wasn't able to that because I had to choose one of the engineering. well I have talked a lot so far, but my love and goal is to be an CEO and business in different fields.
My question is what should I do now? It's 80% possible that I will be accepted in electrical engineering and less than 20% for Computer engineering. Now what would you suggest to me to study for M.S and courses while studying my B.S in electrical engineering.
Thank you all🙏🏼
Borna B
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5 answers

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Kristine’s Answer


There are many engineers in the USA who earn their bachelor's degree (BS) in engineering and then earn their Master of Business Administration (MBA) later in their careers for leadership-related positions within their companies. I'd suggest you focus 100% on your engineering program because it's going to be very demanding. You can always pursue MBA-related programs later.

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Nick’s Answer

You are fortunate and wise to recognize your opportunities and carefully nurture them. Stick with your strengths. It looks like the BS in EE is the more likely path to success fully earning valuable technical credentials. Setting your self up for success is a valuable lesson for life in itself.

Where many people would think having an engineering degree means you are smart and capable of anything, there's actually a lot to learn about management. Even though "good at mathematics", many engineers would be lost in a balance sheet or income statement and tax forms which could be ruinous for your business. Management school includes valuable learning in psychology, human behavior and operations science which are weaknesses for many techies. There is also business law, policy and ethics which you need to be prepared for to navigate a business safely.

You would likely be reading and analyzing many business case studies of success and failure. Imagine the value of learning from the experience of many companies before running your own! Earning an MS in Management would be a good decision. Filling in your education with an MS in business would indicate your adaptability, self-awareness and maturity.

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Pawan’s Answer

Hi Borna,

As some have correctly pointed out, an engineering degree is a great asset. Training as an Electrical engineering is not just preparation to be an electrical engineer, but also a great foundation for business. It is right that you don't get exposed to a lot of law/ economics etc., but as most businesses today require some interaction with technology, an engineering degree is of great help.

There are almost no limits to what you can do with your bachelor's degree. Electrical engineering is a vast field and you will have to find what you love. The applications vary from designing machine vision algorithms to creating electric motors for an electric vehicle. MS is just another opportunity to explore one part of electrical engineering that you like. At the end you can work on design products, selling technical products or providing your expertise to someone else (like a consultant).

A business degree is great. You can learn a lot of it on the job too. As you grow in your role, you will have build business plans/ roadmaps etc. to project what you can do in the next one year. You will have to internally compete for funding of your projects (just like start-ups) and get resources for your dream project.

Just be curious, you can find something interesting and beauty in the simplest of things! That's what my training as an Electrical Engineering has taught me.

Best regards,

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Anuj’s Answer

That's a great choice and it opens the door for multiple opportunities. You can either get into core Electrical engineering like Electrical machines, Power systems , Switch gears,etc.Electronics - Semiconductor,Transistor, NAND flash , MEMS ( Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) as well as semiconductor, circuit design and EMI.

All the above areas have high demand in current industry and definitely your BS in EE will give you exposure to all these areas . Once you get an idea of all these, you can decide if after BS you would like to go for MS or PHD or seek a job in any reputed industry.

Good luck !

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Ravindra’s Answer

What Can You Do With a College Degree in Electrical Engineering?
Scientific research and development firms.
Electrical component manufacturing companies.
Power generation, distribution, and transmission.
Manufacturers of navigation controls, medical equipment, and measurement devices.
Architectural firms.