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What major would be a good pair to architecture major?

I’m in my second year of college. I am taking architecture major but I am concerned that it would be difficult for me to find a job in the future. Architecture consumes a lot of time, but I could manage to spend 2-3 years more if it will help my resume, and find a better job. Considering double major sounds good but I can’t choose which I’m career would be better, to help me find a better job and to earn some real money. I was considering business but still I do not know in what field would be better. this is my second year and I am really concerned
Please let me know ur opinion
Thank you #jobs #career #major #college #architecture #doublemajor #business

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4 answers

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Emily’s Answer

Hi Emely! I am a 2019 college graduate, so I am fairly new to being a professional. I will tell you that I graduated with a degree in Political Science and Arabic. Now, I am a high school math teacher.

It is safe to say that I am not currently working in a field related to my majors. The best advice I can give is to take classes in things you are genuinely interested in, and seek out experiences that you are passionate about. These days, a surprisingly small number of people end up using their degree for the exact profession it was intended for. Try not to stress too much about it, and focus on the things you are interested in! Opportunities will come your way; just put yourself out there! If I were you, I would look at the majors and minors available at your school, and take a class or two for one that really jumps out at you. See where it goes, and take a deep breath. Everything will work out!

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Eric’s Answer

I would suggest pursuing a business administration or real estate and urban development major. Both disciplines would compliment your
architectural major well. More importantly, it will provide you some career flexibility in the event you decide that you do not want to pursue a profession in architecture.

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Betty’s Answer

Hi Emely, having an architecture major is particularly useful if you like the real estate, urban planning and design of homes and buildings. I think a good major to complement architecture would be business, finance or economics. Having a solid educational foundation in business or finance is essential when dealing with large projects of buildings or structures with limited budgets.

I've worked with architects in the past who were also real estate agents and owned investment properties. There are times with home remodels that you would need an architect to design and create blueprints of structural changes that will then need to be submitted to the department of building inspection. It's quite an interesting field and there are opportunities outside of the job itself.

But, the safest route to take is getting a business degree and a minor in architecture or pursuing a double degree. That way, you have more opportunities at your disposal. Hope this helps.

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Atul’s Answer

If you enjoy and passionate to become an Architect do not stop.

If there is a will there is a way.

Look at Chicago or Singapore or Dubai - some of the best architects have designed these buildings.

You can also practice in home remodeling or renovation which could be lucrative.

You are not in a field where jobs are scarce but you have to relocate or go to a city where the jobs are.