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Getting my foot in the door of a I.T network admin job

I recently completed an associate degree in network administration with emphasis in windows systems, specifically in windows 10 and windows server 2016. The prequesites that were needed for me to complete the associate degree included general IT classes, security, and networks. I would like to begin working in this field, but I see that a lot of IT jobs want years of experience, specially in an admin job. How could I be able to break in into this field? networking windows windows technology systems job-search field IT

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6 answers

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Terence’s Answer

I'd recommend a few things, largely in the preparation side. First advice is that job search can be a long process with highs and lows, prepare yourself for that. I also recommend being quite regimented about job search, make time every day/week that is dedicated to job search and prep. It can be easy to be lax about this and days/weeks can slip by.

Next, I recommend setting up several automated job search agents from the larger job search boards (Indeed, glassdoor, linkedin, or a university career center). I like to setup a search agent for jobs that I'm targeting (in your case "network admin entry level"), then a few that are a bit aspirational ("senior network admin" or "network admin manager") to understand what skills to build towards. You'll get a bunch of job postings, which you can take note of the technical requirements and skills/attributes that are being asked for for the jobs that you're looking for. The technical requirements are good to note. You also want to look at the attributes/skills that the postings highlight, like:

Attention to detail

How do you rate on these areas? These are transferable to any role you have and may help distinguish you from other candidates.

I would suggest applying to the entry level roles as well as the roles asking for 2-5 yrs of experience as well. Companies may list that as a "nice to have" and be willing to put it aside if you're able to impress them.
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VIctoria’s Answer

Online - Create a LinkedIn profile and complete it because people will search you these days. If you are applying for jobs online , you'll want to verify your resume with something like Jobscan to increase your relevance rate (and increase your chance of being selected). You can look for job titles - word clouds which would tell you what job descriptions are looking for in skills so you can ensure your LinkedIn profile and resume contain them.

Here is in Austin, Texas, when it's not a pandemic, tech companies have recruiting and educational events in person. Since the pandemic, most of them have onto Eventbrite or Zoom. They cover subjects like cloud, innovation, etc. There are also tech networking groups. Microsoft used hold many of them as well. Those in-person events often provided opportunities to meet higher level administrators and managers, who are the people you want to be in the room with so you can ask their advice and recommendations, and possibly learn of future opportunities.

Also, while you're looking, I would recommend volunteering at local non-profits to help with technology (specifically with your skillset). This will give you real-world experience and recommendations. Plus, you'll meet people who have jobs (whom you can tell you're looking). It's a longer term strategy but it works. Good luck.

Once you get a bit of experience, you'll find it easy move companies. It's a close knit group. We end up having friends at many of the different tech companies through natural career changes and are willing to refer each other because there are usually good referral bonuses.
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Srinivas’s Answer

Hi Jose,

I can understand your situation for job search as we all started with no experience when we started our careers. You may explore this if it is useful for you with Cisco Networking Academy to build your skills and its free @

Best regards,

Srinivas recommends the following next steps:

Register for Cisco Networking Academy
Start learning the new skills
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Michael’s Answer

Most community colleges have some sort of regular career fair or even outside companies coming in looking for candidates for an entry-level position.

Utilize the school resources if you are still able to, or if not, see if there's any kind of alumni program to put graduates in touch with companies looking to hire for some low-level slots.

Another thing to look at is possible certifications like CompTIA Security+. That's a great certification that gives you a good overview and can help give you some experience and hands on with other aspects of IT.
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Rebecca’s Answer

You can explore any opportunities with the new startup, smaller companies, organization like NGO, education sectors, etc. They may have more relax entry requirements. Alternatively, if there is any part time opportunities, it is also a good start for you. First of all, you need to gain some experience first.
At the same time, you can continue your study (e.g. earn degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science, etc.) to polish your knowledge. It can help you to get an offer.
It may be more difficult under the pandemic situation. Don't give up! Good Luck!
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Dominic’s Answer

Hey Man,

I would recommend trying to get into some type of it internship program where you can try to work your way up the charts. Check out a program called "Year up". you might start off as an intern but you can gain experience thru a program like that.