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what are the negative and positives of social worker ?

i would like to work with children, i'm just not sure if this is the career path i want to go to without all the information i need to know career-paths career-path social-work counseling education children child baby

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5 answers

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T.’s Answer


A job in which you are on the forefront of aiding individuals; you will be placed in testing spots, for example, getting a kid out of an awful circumstance, or assisting an individual with psychological instability adapt better

Con: They don't generally need your assistance

Individuals don't generally need your assistance. There can be a ton of protection from social workers. Individuals at times feel that social workers are intruding in exclusive issues or removing control from them and offering it to the state.

Aces: Get to have a genuine effect

Most social workers feel like they have accomplished something beneficial, and that their life has meant something good. It is additionally critical to recall that you are managing individuals and people. In this manner your objectives ought not at any point supersede what is best for them in a specific circumstance.

Con: Lots of duty and stress

Stress is decent with social work. Albeit the passionate and monetary prizes are acceptable, managing emergency all the time can be sincerely depleting. It is critical to have a decent harmony between serious and fun times and discover a few procedures for adapting to pressure effectively and helpfully.

Aces: You are working straightforwardly with individuals that you need to help

You can get criticism direct from individuals about the positive and negative of their circumstance and how you can deal with help.

Con: You can be too into your work

This is unquestionably a threat in friendly work, particularly if there is a lack of staff in the territory that you are working in. In any case, it is imperative to take breaks for your enthusiastic endurance, which over the long haul, will improve you at your particular employment.
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Simeon’s Answer

Some of the positives of social work is that it is a stable career field where you know your work is helping others. Some of the bigger downsides are more emotionally related. You will see people in some terrible life situations and you'll be the one providing a personal level of support. Many social workers emotionally burn out and end up seeking different career options. The best way to get to know the real pros and cons of social work would be to talk to people in that career field and ask them what it's like and how they feel about their jobs. Plus, there are a lot of videos on Youtube where people talk about what it's like to be in their field. Most importantly, there are many different types of social work, so it'd be best to get a more specific idea of the type of social work you'd be looking to do instead of thinking of social work as a broad "people helping" field.
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Anthony’s Answer

Hello Jileddys,

There are a handful of pros and cons with being a Social Worker.

Here is a link for you to review -

There are many others out there. I would suggest doing an Information Interview with someone who is currently a social worker and ask them for advice, pros and cons, difficult challenges, etc.

Whatever you set your mind to, you can do. Every career comes with pros and cons. You have to ask yourself which ones you can maintain a healthy balance with.

Hope that helps.
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Tracy’s Answer

I'm currently pursuing an associates in social work. If you're truly passionate about helping people, social work has many rewards. For me, children are my soft spot. Taking a child from a bad situation to a loving home would be one of the greatest rewards for me. When I think of negative, I think of the long hours and the mental stress that many social workers encounter.
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Ashley’s Answer

Hi Jileddys,
A few people offered some great insight into the pros/cons of being a social worker. However, if you haven't begun a career in social work, there could be other, similar paths. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a School Adjustment Counselor. My duties for both those roles are mostly client facing (I work with elementary and younger aged children), and less case worker responsibilities that a SW might have. I run groups, individual counseling, some family work/parent support, and providing other resources and referrals. The downside which is similar to social workers is that it can be emotionally intensive, as most children are not in therapy because they are doing well across the board. But, working with children in this capacity is a lot of fun and rewarding, although challenging.
I would suggest think about what exactly it is you want to do with children. Social work and counseling are both wonderful options, but there are differences and identifying what you would like to do and things you are not as interested in could help narrow down your options. Good luck!