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What are the best classes to take if I want to pursue the marketing field?

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz that told me marketing would be a good career choice for me. #career #career-counseling #future #student #marketing # #students

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5 answers

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ASLON’s Answer

Hi. I am in Marketing and absolutely love what I do. I didn't realize what marketing was until I took a marketing course in college. After that class I changed my major to Marketing. Marketing is vast and covers a lot of areas. To boil it down... it really is about educating customers about your products and services and convincing them to buy. There are lots of ways to do that and lots of specializations within Marketing. I am in Digital Marketing and that's where a lot of the growth is. The next phase of digital marketing is personalized real time marketing where you are communicating with your potential customers on a 1:1 basis, for example, If we were selling internet access and know you are a big time online gamer, we would advertise highspeed no lag internet to you instead of the slower entry level tier which is fine for someone who may use the internet just for downloading or streaming content.

I am not sure what classes are offered in middle school to teach you about marketing but they do offer general marketing principles courses in most high schools. If you want to start learning more about marketing now, you can find a lot of youtube videos and articles about marketing. good luck!

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Mayank’s Answer

While there are some great answers here, these are some classes that I found extremely useful:
Marketing Analytics
Brand Management
Customer Success/Journey Management
Product Management
Customer Lifetime Value

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Saniya’s Answer

Be sure to take some courses on data analytics. In order to understand customer behavior, you also need to understand past customer behavior. Nothing will give that insight better than historical data (ie who purchased your product, when, how many items - did they return again, why?). So I would really encourage you to upskill further on platforms like google analytics, as well as brush up on general data analytics tools such as excel and PowerBI.

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Mauro’s Answer

Im not marketer, however I do recruit different types of marketers.

Something for you to be aware about in the realm of Marketing. There are different types of marketers focused on different levels. Just going to drop these names for you to do some research and see what kind of marketer you would like to be.

Product, Digital, Brand, User Acquisition marketing is tied with Digital a bit.

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Liz’s Answer

Great recommendations above! To be successful in Marketing, writing is key. I was an English major and has served me so well. Any writing and communications classes you can take will help set you up for future marketing courses and a career in marketing.