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Saniya Mussinova

BD Manager
Finance/ Marketing
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Mar 18, 2021 319 views

How should i deal with my money when i'm in Marketing?

# #money #salary #money-management #income #marketing

Shi’s Avatar
Shi Apr 15, 2021 595 views

How much free time do you usually have per day while working a full time job? Is it enough?

I am in the 11th grade and am trying to find what I love to do. #jobs #employment

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Apr 15, 2021 389 views

How do you balance your career and your normal life?

Growing up and starting your career path seems really time-consuming. I'm wondering how you are able to manage your time so that you still have time to do the things that you love such as sports and gaming.


Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Apr 15, 2021 446 views

Are there any in demand jobs that involve design?

I've always been interested in creating things or designing, but don't know how to create a career out of it.

#design #career

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Mar 18, 2021 298 views

What are the best classes to take if I want to pursue the marketing field?

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz that told me marketing would be a good career choice for me. #career #career-counseling #future #student #marketing # #students

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Mar 18, 2021 350 views

Where should i start after taking a marketing class?

#classes #Marketing

JWILLY’s Avatar
JWILLY Mar 18, 2021 619 views

Is it good to be involved in the stock market?

I am a middle school student who wants to get involved in the stock market. #web-marketing #marketing #online-marketing #stocks-investing #stock-market