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Are Entrepreneurship Degrees or certificates helpful for a student who is trying to get a job in the business sector?

I have a two Business Management degrees but also though about attain a certificate in Entrepreneurship. #business #management #marketing #human-resources #entry-level

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In short, yes. Entrepreneurs get great experience in all areas of a business from finance to marketing to hr to legal to inventory management to operations. You learn how to be a motivated self starter and a confident decision maker as an entrepreneur- which are all good skills to have when working for a corporation in a more traditional corporate business role. These skills will likely impress corporate interviewers and will give you a unique perspective that will allow you to talk about the many different facets of business (or product/project) management and strategy. With your entrepreneurship degree, just make sure you're still getting diverse experiences in various industries of different sizes so that companies don't pigeon hole you too much as just a "small business person" or someone who plays by your own rules only. Showing collaboration and teamwork skills from your college days through participation in entrepreneurship clubs, Startup Weekend participation or leadership, etc will impress future employers at companies of all sizes.

Book recommendation: Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation By Michael H. Morris, Donald F. Kuratko, Jeffrey G

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If you are looking for a job or to enhance employment prospect, it may not be of help but if you wish to set up a new business then it can be of a great help that too it depends upon the level/duration of the course. As Murnen has specified that it gives detailed insights as to how to be an entrepreneur, which means to be an owner of your own business. In other words, by being an entrepreneur, you switch from a job seeker to a job giver/employer. So you need to be clear in your mind as to what is your aim. To conclude, I would say whether to go for a course or not, you have have two options: 1. You want a job or seeking a better job : NO! 2. Want to set up a new business and be an employer: YES!
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