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How do you ask a professional to do an informational interview with you?

Asked Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am currently a freshman in a professional development for psychology class, and we have an assignment to talk to someone in a position of our choice for an informational interview. I was considering talking to someone from the Kinsey institute since I might want to volunteer there in grad school. How should you initiate contact with someone you want to interview, and how should you ask? #career #career-path #interviews #communication #professional-development

3 answers

Stephanie’s Answer

Updated Columbus, Ohio

Searching on LinkedIn is a great way talk to someone for at least an informational phone interview, if not a coffee meeting in person. If you explain why you're interested in what the contact does, what you're studying in school, and a few questions you'd hope to learn from a phone conversation, most people are very open to mentoring and sharing their experiences and advice with you.

Joining a young professionals community or attending one of their career development or recruitment events is another good way to interact with others in different industries with various experience levels. Members of those types of groups and events are also usually there to network or learn, so it's a great place to meet a contact and ask for an additional opportunity to ask them more.

If you have an idea of the type of career you'd like to learn more about, don't be afraid to leverage your existing network to get a contact's name (such as coaches, guidance counselors, relatives, friends' parents, business owners in your neighborhood/community). If you are polite, respectful of the contact's time, and eager to learn, most people will be very willing to give you 30 minutes to answer your questions and to share their insights and expertise.

Gary Stephen’s Answer

Updated Harlingen, Texas

Hi, Ken provided you with a great answer above, I thought I would add to it by sharing this Forbes link with you: http://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2014/07/28/how-to-network-the-right-way-eight-tips/#65dd34574595

Good luck! :)

Thank you so much!

Stephanie’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California


I also agree with the answers above - if you introduce yourself and what you are seeking, you will certainly get a positive result! They will appreciate your initiative.

Good luck in your contact!!