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what job can i get with an international business or business management degree?

I'm a young entrepreneur and I'm very interested in business. But I heard that a lot of people are into those categories their for its very competitive. But i'm wondering what can i do with those degree, can i do something beyond business? #business #entrepreneurship #college-majors

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International business degrees who need varying degrees of knowledge in foreign languages and cultures. These professionals generally specialize in specific areas of business such as technology, management, banking, law, media, or education. They work primarily on a contract basis, since most businesses or individuals will only require their services for a learning period. Cultural advisers can also assist in market research for companies wishing to expand their market overseas, and in foreign career placement. A BA is the minimum requirement, with a master's as a better bet for career advancement--and of course you will need to be fluent in the language and culture you will be advising on.

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There are so many options! I'll split my answer into two parts:

1. How competitive is business?
In my humble opinion, I don't think business careers are any more competitive in general than any other major field of careers. An economist who tracks the supply and demand of jobs would be in a better position to state what is a more-competitive or less-competitive career. However, within business, there are certainly some careers which are more competitive than others. One good example is that finance

2. What are the options available to business majors after graduation?
I went to an undergraduate business school (NYU Stern), so I can only speak for my experience from that one school. What I thought I would want to share with you is the distribution of the sectors my fellow NYU Stern classmates have been working in since they graduated from college. This image is from my LinkedIn profile page:

Clearly there is a LOT of range in these careers. The focus on finance at the top is really a reflection of the specialty of NYU Stern and the fact that it is located in New York (which is a financial center). The distribution would likely change in another school.

I hope that's helpful! Looking forward to your next question

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International Business degrees enable you to get jobs in Product management field for expanding a business for a company into different countries and languages. A company that is expanding internationally can use your expertise to dive deeper into understanding different cultures and patters of specific countries and enable their business internationally. Its almost a science to understand different cultures, advantages and disadvantages, barriers etc of doing market entry into different country .

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