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Research Degree

Do all research degrees (MPhil/PhD or combined tracks) require the GRE In the USA?
Assuming that I do not take the GRE can I get admitted into the programmes? I am currently in a difficult financial situation, I am already considering not enrolling in universities that require me to re-do my English language exams simply because I would be spending additional money. I have been accepted into programmes in the UK, cGPA 3.2/4, British equivalence 2(i) but I was told it will mostly depend on the universities that I apply to. So far I have been accepted by UCL, Nottingham, Sheffield, Westminers, Glasgow. #career #medicine #biology #university #career-counseling #graduate-school #biotechnology #science-phd

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2 answers

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Steven’s Answer

Hi Darellynn,

I know of one (only one) PhD program in the United States that does not require applicants to take the GRE. There may be others, but you will have to look very very hard since the GRE score is a good way for schools to compare applicants coming from different undergraduate programs and even from different companies.

By the way, the only PhD program I've seen that does not require applicants to take the GRE is the Chemistry department at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire. So if chemistry is your field, you may be in luck :) On the other hand, this was the case in 2011. They may have changed their requirements in the meantime, so you would need to check for current application requirements on their web site.

Best wishes,

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Benjamin’s Answer

I've seen the requirements for GRE declining in recent years. Both my Master's degree and PhD program did not require the GRE, HOWEVER - they highly recommended it. I took it. I would suggest you do the same. It is pretty much just the SATs all over again. The great thing about the GRE is if you take it and bomb it, you can tell them not to report your scores, so no harm - no foul.

It was also explained to me by the financial aid department at the school the not taking the GRE ( GMAT , etc) can exclude you from certain financial aid options. So if you are looking for some help covering the cost of going to school, it is probably worth it.