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How bad is medical school?

Updated Baytown, Texas

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Aaron A.’s Answer

Medical school is challenging. It takes a lot of discipline to study when others around you are partying or having a good time or already have jobs and are making money. But honestly, the hardest thing about medical school is getting in! Once you’re in, you and your classmates are like a Army platoon. You work hard, you lose sleep, you have failure and victories, but you stick together and make it through and leave no one behind. It’s adrually pretty cool thing. Good luck #medical school #hard #tough

Pramuditha’s Answer

Updated Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Medical school is relatively more challenging due to the amount of studying you have to do to get good grades and the amount of dedication required. But the perception depends on how willing you are to commit yourself to achieve the ultimate goal. If you are truly passionate about becoming a doctor, you will feel more motivated and satisfied by working harder whereas someone who is less interested may become burnt out sooner. Definitely there will be days you are exhausted and question yourself whether you entered the right path. And there will be days when you help patients and feel how lucky to enter this profession. However, at the end if you truly wanted it, the hard work is all worth it. When you become a doctor and feel that sense of achievement you will one day look back and be happy about your journey that was full of ups and downs.

Disclaimer : This is from my personal experience three years back in a competitive school. It may differ from how different people look at challenges in life.

Pramuditha recommends the following next steps:

  • If you would like to get the real feel about the difficulty and challenges, try to shadow a doctor in a hospital for few days . Shadowing a doctor you already know would be easy. (family physician etc. )
  • Carefully ask yourself what you truly want and whether you'd give up your free time to work hard towards the goal before deciding on your career.
  • And also remember, if so many people have got through, you can too.
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