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Civic Duty
Marcela’s Avatar
Marcela May 17, 2016 1071 views

Do you need to go to medical school if youre majoring in Biomedical Engineering?

I want to go into Biomedical engineering because I love technology and whats a better way to use it than to help others with it. But im wondering if you need to go to med school still because you are working with people. #medical-school #biomedical-engineer

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Oct 27, 2016 985 views

When would be a good time to start shadowing a professional doctor?

I'm interested in medical school and would like to increase my chances of getting in. #medicine #biology -school -research

Hashir’s Avatar
Hashir Nov 02, 2016 1063 views

What are some good experiences to add when thinking about applying to medical school?

I'm trying to figure out what are the most important activities that will help me improve my candidacy for medical school. #medicine #graduate #research #medicine-school #volunteering #undergraduate #admissions #medcine

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Sep 01, 2017 914 views

Do I have to decide to pursue medical studies right at the start of college?

I'm interested in a lot of careers, medicine being on of them. I want to have time to take classes in college and explore my options but I know that getting into medical school takes a lot of work and is very challenging. If I go into college not knowing what I want to do, will it be too hard...

Athier’s Avatar
Athier Oct 10, 2017 1219 views

What courses do you need to take for medical school?

I want to know that I'm taking the right courses and that I'm on the right path to becoming a pediatrician. #pediatrics #pediatric-nursing #pediatrician #medical-practice

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Jun 23, 2016 1180 views

will going to an OK (not great) college hurt my chances of being accepted into medical school?

OK so a little background about me: Ever since I was little I wanted to become a doctor. I love anything that has to do with health and medicine. Growing up I was always smart, but never a genius. I was never a straight A student. I always gotten a mix of As and Bs, but nothing below a B. I go...

Janai’s Avatar
Janai May 14, 2016 867 views

How could someone prepare for losing a patient?

I am a pre-med biomedical science major and I know that I want to pursue surgery, I also know that as a surgeon there will come a time that I am not able to save a patients life and I would like some advice on how to prepare for the moment I love my first patient. #doctor #medicine #healthcare...

Janai’s Avatar
Janai May 14, 2016 830 views

How does it feel when you save a patient's life?

I am a pre-med biomedical science major and I know that I want to pursue surgery. I really want to know how it feels to save a person's life. #doctor #pre-med #medical-school #doctorate-degree #surgeon

Alista’s Avatar
Alista May 18, 2016 1037 views

What are some classes I should take in undergraduate college to be a pediatrician?

I would love to be a pediatrician.

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #medicine #medicine-school #students #professors #professionals #doctors #graduates #nurses

Aytza’s Avatar
Aytza Oct 20, 2016 768 views

What is the hardes obstacle someone can face while attending medical school?

Since a young age I've always known that I wanted to work in the medical. Being a doctor has always been my dream, but as I got older I realize how hard it can be, to be a doctor. I've done a lot of research on colleges and on Medical school, and Ive seen how many people have drop out of...

hassan’s Avatar
hassan Oct 10, 2017 797 views

What type of situations do heart surgeons face?

i'm asking this so i know what kind of stuff do i need to go through #doctor #surgery #cardiothoracic-surgeon #medical-practice #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

leo’s Avatar
leo May 17, 2016 1061 views

How often are doctors reprimanded for covering for uninsured patients?

And what punishments would be given like would I be fired right away? I know money is always an important factor but was wondering if most doctors are punished for breaking rules for patients #doctor #hospital #hospitals #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #science

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 19, 2016 1338 views

Will transferring during undergrad ruin my chances of getting into med school?

Currently I am at a public university and I'm not doing very well, mainly because the class sizes are so big and I feel like I'm bothering the professor if I go to office hours with questions. So, I'm transferring to a private school because I think I'll be a better student. Is this going to be...

Vivian’s Avatar
Vivian May 07, 2016 967 views

Is hands on experience or textbook knowledge more important?

I plan on becoming a nurse and I realize both are important, however, the universities close to me are renowned for leaning on one of two sides. Either too much textbook knowledge, or too much hands on experience. Which do you think is better? #nursing #medicine #nurse #school #career...

Anissa’s Avatar
Anissa Oct 10, 2017 1026 views

What is the salary of an Obstetrician?

I might want to go into the medical field and im wondering how much money they make? #doctor #obstetrics #medical-practice #medical-school