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If you're stuck between two career paths, how do you go about deciding on one of them?

Asked Madison, Wisconsin

I'm thinking about going into graphic design versus becoming a Pre-Med student. I love Biology, but I'm terrible at math and think I would do way better in an artsier career where I could let my right brain thoughts flow freely. My parents would definitely push me to go the Pre-Med path, even though they tell me that it's my choice. I'd like to know how anyone who has been in a similar situation as the one I'm in has dealt with this problem. #college #college-major #career-counseling #career-choice #career-path #pre-med #graphic-design #decision-making

4 answers

Fabiola’s Answer

Updated Carmel, Indiana

I was like you: artsy. I really wanted to go to straight art school but my parents convinced me to go to architecture. Another one of my passions was education. The bottom line is that I ended up working with education and art most of my life despite my degree in Architecture. If money is not important to you, follow your passion. If it is, then you might want to follow your parents advice and go to pre-med. By the way, my daughter has the same dilemma between pre-med and music and I told her to follow her passion for music but I know she doesn;t care about money.

Good luck!

Thanks! Money isn't really important to me. If only I could choose both careers! I love both bio and art and all I really want to do is something that will benefit others, either that be through my drawings or oncology. I hope your daughter will choose something that makes her happy! :)

Terri L.’s Answer

Updated Laurel, Maryland

Yuki, where do your passions lie? If you could only do one thing, which is the bigger pull on you? Which area of study do you think of more? That is where your heart lies. That is what will make you happier as you study for and prepare for your career. Another thing to consider is marrying the two... ever heard of a medical illustrator? Check it out.

Think of ways you can combine your two interest. What might that look like for you?

James’s Answer

Updated Round Rock, Texas

hi yuki,

my big decision was between medical school and law school.

(and, yes, i considered doing both. you don't need any more details.)

i finally decided by trying to imagine where each path would take me in 50 years. although neither path gave me a guarantee of success i simply couldn't resist the possibilities that the medical school option offered.

medcine wasn't and isn't all a bowl of cherries. but i don't regret my choice.

good luck!

Andy’s Answer


A wise man once told me, "pick the option that feels most like life!" If to vague run away from the one that feels like death! Trust your 2 second instinct on this - fight overthinking it!