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How do you know if becoming an engineer is the right career field? What signs give assurance?

Updated Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

I am truly in love with math and science. Both of these topics come natural to me and I would like to pursue a career that uses both of these areas. I feel that engineering encompasses these two things, but I am unsure if it is right for me. My mom is an electrical engineer for both Consumers Energy and the military. When I asked her when she knew she wanted to be an engineer, she gave me a specific moment. I just want to know if and what this moment will be for me. #college #engineering #college-bound #stem-education #decision-making #signs #undecided

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Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington


I can't think of a specific moment where I suddenly knew I would be happy and satisfied in a career as an engineer. Engineering involves exploring a problem and using your background and experience to develop one or more solutions. You then apply a systematic process using engineering methods to solve the problem in a practical and cost-effective manner. So if you can take on a challenge and enjoy doing detailed analytical work to solve that problem, engineering can be a personally rewarding career. I am a Civil Engineer and I have always found great satisfaction in working on projects that directly benefit communities and the environment.

I hope this helps, Pete Sturtevant, Pete Sturtevant, PE