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Would a degree in Agricultural Buisness Management apply to management jobs outside of Agriculture?

I wish to work within the agricultural community, but if that falls through during some portion of my life, I would like to know if I have other job options outside of the agricultural community for business management (with an agricultural business management degree). Would it be more worth-while to just get a business degree? #management #business #agriculture #environmental-services #business-management

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3 answers

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Corina’s Answer

I faced a similar choice when I was 16. I received guidance to major in Business Administration, and it was one of the best decisions I've made.

A Business Administration degree is one of the most versatile, and applicable to life after college. You get the chance to meet great connections, become armed with the tools necessary to build your own company, and begin to better understand how the working world operates.

Regardless of the industry, all organizations can benefit from being run in a more efficient manner. Every organization has customers of some form (these can be students, citizens, patients, retail customers, business to business customers, etc.) and it's essential to know how to communicate and connect with them to lead an organization to success.

Within the Business Administration discipline, you'll also have options on where to focus. For example, I chose an emphasis on marketing, but had the options of finance, accounting, Information Systems,entrepreneurship, etc. In hindsight, I would chose the entrepreneur route, as I think it's the most applicable to life outside of college.

I feel that the experiences I had in college, and the work experience my degree enabled me to obtain, have prepared me to take on a variety of different roles. I don't feel tied to a location or an industry, because it's such a practical and applicable skillset across all industries. In your case, while agriculture may be your passion, a Business Administration degree can give you the tools to efficiently plan and run an organization that's focused on agriculture. And you can always look into certification programs in agriculture to supplement your education.

Best of luck!

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Fred N.’s Answer

Business management - - agricultural or otherwise - - is widely applicable, although unfortunately we are likeley to face less resistance when the employer's need is in a somewhat related business. Most will consider agriculture to be out of mainstream businesss. It is clearly is different, with unique aspects, but not beyond the realm of mainstream business management. It is common for potential hiring individuals to "short cut" and cubby hole candidates into stereotypical limits. The prior advice to be aware of, and track mainstream business achievements is good.

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John’s Answer

I would say, "Yes". But you need to sell the things that you did that were management. Keeping track of employees, logistics work required, time sheets, product storage, and material rotation. Keep it in management and you should be good.