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What are some clubs or activities you would recommend for college experience if I want to be an engineer?

Wondering which extracurricular activities might look best on a resume once I graduate college for an engineering career. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #architecture #structural-engineering #architectural-engineering

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3 answers

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DAVID’s Answer

you did not say what type of engineer so adjust my ideas accordingly
1. be a member of WEF water environment federation, student membership cheap, civil/environmental
2. attend WEF monthly meeting if held nearby, rub elbows with engineers
3. join civil engineering national group, attend monthly meetings
4. attend a state engineering conference, held yearly
5. join chemical engineer society
6. learn auto CAD
7. take EIT exam as soon as eligible
8. join school engineering clubs
9. summer coop at local engineer consulting firm

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Eva’s Answer

Depending on your interests, some of the things people do in Maker Spaces may be a good fit

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Glenn S.’s Answer

As stated by others, it does depend on your discipline. But any activity that shows your passion for the your area of interest helps.

Glenn S. recommends the following next steps:

Join Engineering Society, like SME (Society of Mechanical Engineering)
Coop or internship to work in your discipline alternating semesters or over the summer
Take classes with projects in your discipline. This could be like building a solar powered vehicle