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I want to own my own baking business

i would love to be my own boss in baking and be able to have people all over the world know my name and know that my business isnt just for baking but also to know that some of the money we get goes to people in need all around the world business entrepreneur Baking HelpingOthers

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3 answers

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Josée’s Answer

It sounds like you have a lot of ambition and that is a good driving force to support you in developing the skills that you will need. You can dream as big as you want! Without dreams, there would be no one on the moon, no internet, no self driving cars. Do you already work in the baking industry? That would be the best way to start - learn everything you can with hands-on experience and research. Learning about the multiple perspectives is especially helpful to run a business : what customers want, everything about employees including what makes them happy & thrive, the baking itself, being a business owner, the suppliers. If you have your heart set on baking, that path will become more obvious. Some find that they get inspired along the way and decide to do something else. That is not only ok, its often part of the journey of self-discovery where one thing leads to another.

You also mention wanting your business to have a positive impact on the community and that is a great goal. With the rising inequalities, we are seeing more and more companies not only focused on profit but on a win-win exchange for everyone, including the planet. I support your ambition, your dreams, your desire to make a positive impact on communities and its people.

From where you are right now, what are the steps you can take to point you in the direction of your dreams? By also looking at actions within your reach now, it will help you not get discouraged along the way. Is there a book you can read? Someone that inspires you that you can learn more about? A business owner you respect who could be your mentor? I would highly encourage you connect with a mentor who will have your back and provide advice. There are many free resources around, starting with school councilors, women's groups, business owners who need a right hand. Don't hesitate to ask more questions and good luck on your journey!

Josée recommends the following next steps:
No child should go hungry campaign:
Baking magazine :
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Holly’s Answer

I would start making your name on social media. Instagram and Tiktok are really great ways to grab people's attention. I have learned all of my cooking skills from online social media and follow many bakers through platforms.
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GABE’s Answer

Do you want to be a successful baker or a celebrity?

What do you do/make that is better than what exists now?
What charity are you donating to that people will want to spend money with you?
What impact are you making in the world and would that make me want to buy your product?