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Amanda C. Jun 22 108 views

I want to own my own baking business

i would love to be my own boss in baking and be able to have people all over the world know my name and know that my business isnt just for baking but also to know that some of the money we get goes to people in need all around the world business entrepreneur Baking...


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sumayra A. Jun 24 125 views

What do I need to do to become a neurosurgeon ?

I value helping people and also have high interest in the human body and discovering medical changes that can be beneficial to humanity medicine premed brain...


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May L. Jun 25 93 views

How can I get recognized in the film industry?

I want to become a filmmaker, specifically a director, cinematographer, and writer. film director...


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Savannah H. Jun 25 124 views

What do I need to become a Real Estate Agent.

So I'm graduating high school next year, I'm 17 right now turning 18 in Aug. I heard about Real Estate in my freshmen year, I was very interested. real-estate...


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Julianna A. Jun 25 90 views

What should I minor in as a future nurse?

I am already a Spanish minor, but I'd like to add another one before I graduate. choosingaminor...