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What are some study skills or daily habits that really helped you stay organized in College and Medical School?

In a few years I'll be out of highschool and entering college with the hopes of getting accepted to med-school and UCSF. I wish to know, essentially, how to stay balanced in college. #medicine #healthcare #university #mathematics #college-bound #physics #biomedical-engineering #medicinal-chemistry

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1. Keep a weekly planner, this helps you keep track of all of your weekly assignments and prevents procrastination 2. Good note taking is the key to college, it will take time to figure out the best styles, some people prefer handwritten notes and others types, just try it out! 3. Balance your school work with your personal life. It's okay to take a night off from studying to hang out with friends or get involved in campus organizations. This will help you build your network as well as stay sane during the more busy times of the year.
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As far as study skills and habits, I recommend taking classes early in the morning (as early as you can handle) and grouped together, then you go straight to the library, and don't come home from the apartment until you've finished your homework. Plan on spending 8-5 on campus and you'll rarely have to be there longer than that. (Assuming you don't waste time on facebook, imgur, etc.)

Also, one thing that helped me immensely to have a "balanced" life at college was joining the Clubs that related to my career. Look up your school's Pre-Med society, join it, and then try to help out and become a leader within the club. Even being president will require, at most, 5-hours a week, but you'll accomplish a TON to prepare you for graduate school and get a tight-knit group of friends at the same time.

Last, I recommend reading this book. I've loved it and used it multiple times when advising students:

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